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Nisab of Worn Gold: How to Calculate Zakat on Worn Gold?
24 January، 2024


Today’s article sheds light on key points regarding worn gold related to the issues of its zakat, then its nisab as defined by the Islamic law, and how to calculate it to be assured that your zakat is discharged in the amount ordained by Allah Almighty. Finally, a brief overview of our initiative, in empowering youth in Northern Syria.


Does Zakat Apply to Worn Gold?

 Regarding the obligation of zakat on worn gold, scholars and jurists are divided into two groups:


  • Scholars and jurists have unanimously agreed that zakat is not obligatory on gold worn for the purpose of adornment because it is used like clothes and goods on which zakat is not obligatory.
  • Some scholars believe in the obligation of zakat on worn gold, based on the interpretation of some Quranic verses and noble Prophetic hadiths about gold and zakat. They argue that gold, whether for adornment or trade, is part of the owned wealth.


A third interpretation commonly held among Muslims suggests that zakat is not obligatory on jewelry used for adornment purposes, based on the following reasons:


  • This jewelry is personal property, not growing wealth, and the principle is that the wealth must be capable of growth.
  • This jewelry is used as a woman’s adornment, and the hadiths mentioning zakat on it are weak in narration. The principle is to ease obligations if there is no explicit legal text about them.


As for jewelry intended for hoarding, or originally intended for trade, zakat on it is undoubtedly obligatory. Al-Nawawi said: (Our companions said: If one made jewelry and did not intend to use it in a prohibited, disliked, or permissible way, but rather intended to hoard and own it, then the correct and predominant opinion is that zakat is obligatory on it) Al-Majmoo “36/6”


Therefore, with the diversity of opinions on the issue of zakat on worn gold, it is better to discharge zakat on gold to clear one’s conscience before Allah Almighty, avoiding controversy and purifying the soul.


Nisab of Worn Gold

 The nisab for the zakat of worn gold in Islam starts from 85 grams of pure gold and above. The amount of zakat due on worn gold is one-fourth of a tenth, i,e., 2.5% of its total amount.


How to Calculate Zakat on Worn Gold 

Zakat on worn gold can be calculated in two ways:

Calculating the total amount of gold, then discharging zakat in gold

According to this method, you need to calculate the total amount of gold you possess, then divide it by forty. If you own 400 grams of gold, the calculation would be as follows: (400÷40=10), and you would need to discharge 10 grams of gold as zakat on the worn gold you possess.

Calculating the total amount of gold, then discharging zakat in cash 

This method is based on calculating the total amount of gold subject to zakat, then multiplying it by the market price of gold per gram on the day of zakat, and then 2.5% of the result is discharged by dividing it by 40. Example: If the market price per gram of gold is 50 riyals, and you have 500 grams of gold, the calculation would be as follows: (500×50=25000) (25000÷40= 625 riyals)


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